Start Making a Difference


If you want to be happy for a lifetime, FIND WAYS TO REACH OUT TO OTHERS. There is nothing more satisfying to your spirit then knowing you have touched another person’s life, lessen their burden, shared some insight, make them laugh or lent them your understanding ear. In other words: made a difference. Let your light shine on others so they will be better off knowing you. We encourage you to be the rock that will create positive ripples throughout your community.

So where do you start?

First thing is to imagine yourself as a difference maker. What would be the first small step? It is important not to overwhelm yourself by starting with a too large of a commitment at first. Start off with a small goal, maybe just making somebody’s day once or twice a week. Review your progress. Make any necessary adjustments to how you shine your unique light on others so they are better off for knowing you. Once you are comfortable, see how far and how much impact you can make on people’s lives. Share your ideas, mentor others, remove obstacles in the pathway to others success. Assisting others in fulfilling their potential is one of my greatest sources of happiness. By opening opportunities, choices, and sometimes treasures, provides a lasting source of joy. Look back after one year to see how much yours and the lives you touched have changed. Don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate your success in making a difference. This is very important. Not only will it recharge you but it will provide a basis for your next step in helping others.