About Us

Every day ordinary people are doing extraordinary things in our community and around the world. Uncommon acts of kindness, service to others and assisting others on their journey through life, not only changing lives for the better but changing their own life as well. If you want to bring unparalleled happiness into your life and become the best person you can be, READ ON.

The Sebastian Society wishes to affirm the goodness and worthiness in all people, to inspire individuals, families, groups, and organizations to look for ways to be the difference that makes the difference in other people’s lives. The Sebastian Society exists for one purpose: to encourage its members to be a positive influence by reaching out to others. The society consists of unique like-minded individuals, families, groups and organizations who have a strong commitment in assisting others. This could come in many forms: a kind word, a lead for an employment opportunity, sharing knowledge, experience or taking the time of making a connection with someone who could assist them in reviewing more options that can aid them in fulfilling their potential. A member can start out by simply having the goal of making somebody’s day once a week, once a day, then every day.

Join the Sebastian Society and together we will start a ripple in making a difference, one person at a time.